Bad MP Get Out!!!

14 05 2008

Who is Keng Sky-kick? Keng is a nickname of Karun Hosakul, PPP’s most well-known MP and Sky-kick is given to him after his kick-boxing with a Democrat MP at the Parliament over a month ago. I thought I would not like to write anything about Thai politics unless and until there is a change of a government. But then this Keng Sky-kick story is too annoying and too irritating to ignore.

It was the right decision of the Democrat MPs to walk out of the field before the 1st half of the friendly football match between the governing parties and the opposition yesterday when this ugly MP Karun Hosakul or Keng Sky-kick walked in to the field. However, it was sad to hear that there was a few members of the old lady club shouting their support for the undeserved MP.

After expressing his sincere appreciation towards his old lady supporters, Karun walked into the changing room and challenged the Democrat MPs that “if you want to ask the parliament to withdraw me from my position, let’s do it as you wish”. He will never resign from his position and noone will ever be able to force him to comply even if the committee found him guity as initiated the fight in the parliament against a Democrat MP.

PPP who selected this person to contest and the old lady club who voted him in must be reponsible to a monster they created in our society. Why do they need to keep this monster walking in the parliament? Is it just only because he can sweet talk? I wonder if he knows what his role is as a people representative. I do not think he ever cares to know what he has to do in his constituency and in the parliament. It is time for PPP to consider this seriously whether to keep him in or let him out.



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