The 3 Superstars : The Most Unwanted

22 05 2008

On the way back to my office from my favourite lunch I heard a radio station reading out the latest survey on the political development in Thailand and the government performance including the performance of PPP’s MPs.

Above 50% believe that there will be a political crisis, dissolution of partliament and a change of government, earlier than anticipated. About 40% want to see the 3 superstars out of their current positions, namely Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, Minister of Interior Chalerm Yubamrung and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Jakkaprob Penkhair.

Jakkaprob is facing a difficult time after his interview with foreign media, which seemed to criticise the role of the royal institution and especially the king, had been translated by the Opposition leader and subsequently moved to submitt a letter to the parliament to withdraw him. Jakkrapob denined this but seeked assistance and advice from a senior military general recently. Former Premier Thaksin also said that he ahs to be responsible to what he said. PM Samak said he would annouce the new list of cabinet reshuffle after he returns from his state visit to the Phillipines. We should expect Jakkraprob’s name to be drop from the new list.

So it seems, we may lose one of the 3 superstars. But how about the remaining two? How long do people need to wait for their wishes to come true? Not so long I guess. It has all been plan for. Perhaps we can the return of senior military official to a political scence soon.



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