2 million baht for snack? เงินสองล้านไว้ซื้อขนม

12 06 2008

It was stunning to hear about a snack box contained two million baht left intentionally for a Supreme Court judge presiding over a high-profile case yesterday. Who dare?

According to news report, the story has it that a lawyer handling a high-profile case involving a politician (Thaksin Shinawatra of course, who else) left the box with a court official when he arrived to file a motion at the Supreme Court building in Sanam Luang. He gave instructions that the box be given to the judge handling the case. Following security regulations, court staff opened the box and found two million baht in cash stuffed inside. Although the money was returned, if it was found to be an attempt at bribery it would be deemed contempt of court and those involved would be punished.

Could this be a plot to discredit the court of justice? Or the most daring act of bribery ever?

For the first theory, it could be an attempt to discredit those judges so that there would bring a new panel – a panel that might accept a bigger snack box.

For the second theory, it could be that they believe noone would think that they would be stupid enough to leave such amount of money at the court of justice. It would be easier for them to issue an argument in this direction. As such, this option should not be discarded altogether.

It would be interesting to see how the judges on the land scandal of Thaksin’s wife will decide on the case – whether independent judiciary exists and ispracticed in Thailand, will be something we shall witness soon…



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