Street protesters have the rights to protest ผู้ประท้วงมีสิทธิในการประท้วง

23 06 2008

Prime Minister Samak’s speeech on every Sunday morning has attracted million of Thais to stay tuned to listen to what he has to say. So far he has never disappointed anyone who expected him to say all the wrong things. True to form, last Sunday he attacked the five leaders of People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) who he named “street people”, a meaningless group of gangsters whose task is to bring down his government.

PAD has recently focused their attack against the government by focusing on the issue of the disputed border shared between Thailand and Cambodia. PAD leaders argued that the Foreign Minister Noppadol gave up some of the disputed land to Cambodia who has already submitted the request to UNESCO for the palace to be registered as World Heritage.

PM Samak complained that the media has written positively about the constitutional rights of those street people. This can only confirm that our current PM has seriously lost touch to the modern world. Only a political dinosaur do not know that people have the rights to protest and such right is explicitly written in our consitution be it the 1997 or 2007 constitutions. Perhaps he belongs to the old age where the word rights did not exist.

Apart from the PAD, Samak also attacked a dressmaker in a northeastern province who was reported to be sadly upset about the weakness of current Thai government in dealing with the land dispute with Cambodia. In his word, “she is just a dressmaker who exaggerately expresses her anger towards the border dispute.” What an insult! Yes she is a dressmaker and yes she has the rights to speak up on such important issue like this. Just wonder what is in our PM thinking on that day that made him say things so wrong that a dressmaker can never speak up on national issue. Thailand is for all Thais and each one of us has the right to speak up on issues of our concern.

Perhaps it is time for PM Samak to get out from new Thailand and from modern age politics. It is so sad that he has the power to control the country at the wrong time. There is no space for this kind of dinosaur leader in modern Thailand…



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