Thailand Cabinet reshuffle will bring in more ugly faces ปรับครม ได้คนที่แย่กว่าเดิม

17 07 2008

When Samak said he would reveal the list of new cabinet by 24th July, media and public expect not only those ugly faces to change ministries but more of the devils to join in. Minister of Interior Chalerm Yubumrung, who was chased out from every provinces he has visisted, might move to Ministry of Justice so that to exert pressure on the judges who will rule on Thaksin’s court cases at the end of July. Former Minister of Health Chaiya Sasomsub, a well known godfather in Nakonpratom province who is an expert in money politics, could return to the ssame ministry of take a new position in the Ministry of Interior. Most of Thaksin’s close allies will have even stronger position in a new cabinet.

Academics in Bangkok describes it as “Samak strikes back” strategy. If people do not like whoever are close to former premier Thaksin to govern the country, Samak is more than willing to bring them all in. Samak may be in a fighting mood after a not-so-secret meeting with Thaksin oversea. But his current moves detest the public even more. This would further escalate the political polarisation in the society.

In the evening news yesterday, Belgian President resigned due to the unresolved polarisation in the society. I remember I was discussing with a family – can it actually happen in Thailand? Will our country leader be ashamed and resign voluntarily for the sake of peace and stability of the country? I know I was talking of something impossible. Samak can never be ashamed of what he has done to the country. He has never been wrong along his political life. His stubborn resistance will prolong the political stalemate as the PAD will never back-pedal their effort to bring down Thaksin nominee government. It would only be in a dream to see them dissolve the parliament. Why do it when you are already in control of the game!



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