PPP vs PAD: NBT vs ASTV and their supporters vs your supporters

21 07 2008
mob against mob

mob against mob

Something to look forward to or a factor to further political polarisation? Television talk on Sunday morning of Thai PM Samak Sundaravej has, as always, raised an eyebrow of many in the country. His strategy to fight back the satellite based television ASTV, owned by one of the PAD’s leaders Sonthi Limthongkul, by airing the government own programme on government own television station NBT or formally channel 11 shows how vulnerable the government is to the tactics and the strategies employed by the PAD.

PAD has their rights to protest and to express their opinion against the government. These rights can also be applied to any other mobs being organised nationwide. However, those protesters must also know that their rights are limited and they are protected under the rule of law. Under all circumstances, they do not have the authority to damage or enter into private property without permission or consent, to block public road and to demand others to disclose their private properties.

Although I do not agree to what PAD and their supporters try to achieve especially their proposal for 70:30 proportion in the political system, I have not seen them damage any properties be it private or government own. Whereas mobs elsewhere organised by their opponents especially in the Northern and Northeastern regions tend to engage in violence. One obvious example would be a mob of 1,000 people in Chiangrai on Saturday. They blocked the road to go out from and go in to the airport, checked every car every single space inside the car with the suspicion that members of PAD might hide themselves in one of those cars. They even went to a hotel demanded the hotel owner to open every room for their inspection. When they could not find PAD members they went to a house they believed owned by Sonthi Limthongkul and threw stones to the house and damaged the electricity transformer.

THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO DESTROY PRIVATE PROPERTY. Surprisingly, they were allowed to commit all these ugly actions without state authority coming in to stop it. This could set an example for other provinces to follow. Especially positive signal was given by the Prime Minister on his Sunday talk when he said that PAD is trying to take control of every province and therefore the government needs to fight back. This has indirectly urged people nationwide who support former Thai Rak Thai and People’s Power Party to fight against PAD supporters in all provinces.

This is the most dangerous strategy to employ and I hope the PPP know what they are doing and have the plan to manage this social polarisation. The society and the country are split, urging the two main opponent parties to physically fight each other will widen the gap further. PPP can never rule in peace and the conflict can never end.



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