It is a tragedy in Udonthani incidence and PPP leaders are to blame โศกนาฏกรรมที่อุดร

25 07 2008
Who would expect it to happen but it had happened and it is a tragedy for a new Thailand where people are so divided and can never accept different opinions: I don’t like you, do not agree with you and I will fight against you and I kill you. Why so and who is to blame? Since Udonthani is the stronghold of PPP and its leaders have bought most of the local people there, then I say the leaders of the ruling party PPP are to blame and must be responsible. If this is PPP’s best strategy, Thailand can start thinking of diving a country into pieces. PPP can rule the North and Northeast and Democrat Party can perhaps, if able to, rule the rest since their power bases are in central and southern region. But let’s hope that that day will never come and we stay united as we have been.

Yet, while most of Thais, and I hope it is most of us, viewed the incidence that took place between PAD supporters and the anti-PAD demonstrators with grief, PPP leaders are smiling. The Police, under Interior Minister Chalerm Yubumrung, who supposed to protect the PAD protesters of around 150 people, allowed the anti-PAD group of about 700 to go into the area where the PAD protesters were preparing their evening talks and watched them fought each other. So far, it is reported by mainstream media that no one died, but I found out from alternative media that PAD guard died, 4 seriously wounded and 17 injured. I think we a need a serious police reform here as they do not know their role as to protect all citizens, not only to serve and please their bosses. Trust and confidence is police has eroded and their credibility questioned.

The fighting between PAD and anti-PAD demonstrators is likely to continue as long as PPP remains in power. PPP has no option as their back is against the wall. They have invested million of baht in the North and the Northeast and now it is a payback time. People who were rewarded money during election campaign or who gained from the government economic policy must show their gratitude towards the government by coming out and fight against PPP’s enemies.

PPP’s days are numbered and I hope that before it all ends there will not be any more tragedies everywhere in Thailand.





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