it is just a beginning of an end

1 08 2008

we have been told to watch out the court decision especially the case of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shainawatra and his wife Pojaman Shinawatra. I am not so surprised to hear the Criminal Court decision to sentence Pojaman Shainnawatra to three years in jail for failing to pay THB 546 in tax connected to family’s telecommunications business. This is perhaps just the beginning of the end of Thaksin’s empire because there are a few court cases awaiting for his and his associates in a couple of days and months.

Some may argue that rich business tends to avoid paying tax – it is a normal practice? People who make noise are jealous of Thaksin’s family. Well, while the answer could go either way, I like to cite the sentence read out by the judge that “the defendant has high economic and social status and should have set an example for society. Instead, they avoided taxes even though the taxes amounted to little compared to their assets.”

If she was not the wife of the prime minister, she could perhaps get away with it more easily. But because she was a well known public figure with responsibility to society, she should have been transparent in her business transaction.



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