Samak – guilty!

5 08 2008

Today the latest news has it that he Constitution Court agreed to hear the case against Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej to see whether he had breached the constitution by hosting television programmes.

The case was filed by Election Commission, which saw legal questions with the previous roles of Mr Samak as the host of Chim Pai Bon Pai and Yok Khayong Hok Mong Chao cooking programmes.

Article 267 of the constitution strictly prohibits the prime minister from holding any position in a partnership, a company or an organisation carrying out business with a view to sharing profits or income, or being an employee of any person.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Samak urgently pushed forward for the constitution amendment so that he can get away with it. Looking at his personality, I expect more aggressive policies and actions prior to the court hearing on his case. However, whether his attempts would be successful we have to wait and see. Samak might have wished to discredit the judges and the court as his boss has done, and the the three lawyers jailed for it, but he must also be aware that the judges and the court have huge public support behind them.

The best option for Samak now is to resign or dissolve the parliament. It does not matter if PPP will still win in the next general election. The most important thing right now is that his government and he himself have no legitimacy to rule.

The recent cabinet reshuffle is a disaster, except only for one position which was appointed rather than selected by the cabinet and the PM.

His latest aggressive response to the press last Sunday further eroded his leadership image. Everyday I hear people talking asking one another “when will he go” “how to get rid of him”. I wonder if prime minister Samak has ever listened to the people calls. He seems to live in his own world at his own time.  The world has moved forwarded, but Samak seems unable to catch up with modern world. What a shame!



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