Samak – a real dictator

6 08 2008

When I heard that Samak has planned to amend the Constitution Article 63 which allows peaceful public assembly as a new strategy to fight PAD, it confirms my belief that he is a real dictator. Samak wants to add to this article, such as you can’t “lie” at the rally, or instigate trouble, or use the media to propagate your information, or force or hire others to participate. He often claims that he was democratically elected and that he has a license to lie like when he said only one man died at the 6 October 1976 incidence. He has the mandate to instigate hatred like the unfortunate incidence in Udon Thani, but if you fight against him your attempts would be unconstitutional. He would amend the constitution to suit his own interest and to win over him, you must win an election – which may be mission impossible for the Opposition at the moment.

What are possibilities of bringing him down? The intra-party power struggle among the gang of four may help revealing more corruption cases against Samak. There are already two pending court cases awaiting for him plus the possibility of party dissolution. The media should also boycott him. All ordinary citizens must unite and say it out loud that we do not need a dictatorship here in Thailand.

Samak “GET OUT”

Samak “GO TO JAIL”



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