Thaksin No Return

11 08 2008

It is confirmed Thaksin seeks political asylum in England and the Supreme Court’s Criminal Tribunal for Holders of Political Positions has already issued arrest warrants against him and his wife after that failed to attend the trial here today.

I was a bit disappointed that he did not trust the judicial system here. I remember I was discussing the issue with my father. He told me that Thaksin would not return to Thailand after his trip to attend the opening of Olympic in Beijing while I argued that he would have to return to fight his legal case in the Supreme Court otherwise he will have limited chance of returning to his home country during his life time. The choice has been chosen and it has set a very bad example for corrupted politicians here. They can take whatever they want while in power as they can seek political asylum in England where there is no agreement on political asylum. It is very easy to get away from their political wrongdoings.

In Thaksin’s written press statement faxed to the Thai media today he cited the political interference in the justice system as the main reason he has to run away. The judicial system is the only institution the Thais can rely on at present. He will be treated as an innocent man until proven guilty, why run way? Instead of taking a political asylum, he should have stood in the court today and fight until the end. He must have realised that he has no chance of winning due to the lack of solid proof of his innocence.

After Thaksin is gone, it would be interesting to see how PPP can survive after Thaksin. Although a few factions or the Gang of Four within PPP claim that they are still together and still determine to rule the country, the tasks might be a big challenge for them. They have become unwanted after the silence on Udon Thani incidence and their diplomatic failure on the Preah Vihear conflict with Cambodia. People Alliance for Democracy is also to fight them. Their chance to continue to rule is limited. Their days in the government are numbered.



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