Samak ordered police to disperse protesters : How coward!

29 08 2008

Yesterday Samak softened stance against demonstrators through mainstream media that he would not ask the police to use force to disperse the protesters who gathered at the Government House. Today, thousand of policemen went to Makkawarn Bridge to disperse protesters. In response, airports in Songkhla and Phuket are closed by the PAD supporters in both provinces. Who should be responsible if not Samak! Is not it time for him to resign? However, when asked by the reporters he defended the police by arguing that they are following the court order which demands PAD to leave the Government House. And again he insisted that he will not step down, will not dissolve parliament and will fight the PAD until his end…

A friend in Germany emailed me yesterday asking about the current situation in Thailand. He criticised the PAD arguing that the government under Samak leadership came to power through democratic process. It was the wish of the majority in the country. How come the PAD which accommodates ONLY a few hundred thousand demanded to bring down the democratic government! In my reply, I asked “is democracy only about the wish of majority and there is no need to care what the minority want?”

Samak government came to power democratically but they rule the country practising bad governnce. In the past five months since they came to power, they have done nothing except finding ways to amend the constitution and to fight the PAD. Should not they focus more on how to improve the economy?

The PAD was wrong to move into the Government House and they would be proven guilty in court. Samak is also guilty in ordering the police to use force to disperse protesters but how to prove his guilt and more difficult is how to make him see that the use of force will only accelerate the pace of offensive resistance by the people.



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