Students involvement in PAD

8 09 2008

Last Saturday, my mum asked me to take her to PAD rally at the Government House. She said she was too excited to see students joined the demonstration. She believed that students would make a different in the current conflict between PAD and Samak government. To my surprise, many aunties and uncles shared her view.

Right after we parked our car, quite far but a walking distance from Makkawarn Bridge, the newly formed student group called Young PAD was about to parade to Democracy Monument. Supporters lined up on both sides of the road leading to the monument and cheered them up shouting “fight on students”. One lady turned to my mum and said with tear “I am very happy to see a lot of students here today. There have been only old people to fight for a change and now we can see hope”. She added that she involved in the May uprising in 1992 when she saw a lots of her friends died right in front of her. She said Samak will not hestitate to use force to end the conflict if not becuase he knew cooperation was not coming from the military.

Well one might think that this is only one person’s opinion. But i think it reflects what is in the mind of PAD supporters.

As can be expected, Samak raised the student involvement in his regular Sunday televised talk that the number of students was rather small and they are used and paid for by PAD leaders. While I can easily agree with Samak that the number was not great but I do not want to underestimate the student power. I can not speak for sure that those students are not paid for but for what I have seen I can tell that they are there voluntarily. They are there to protest Samak and his government.

When it started to rain, I, my sister and my mum ran to our car. Yet, the rain poured very heavy when we were about to exit the gate, then I heard one of the PAD guard, who was looking at us, said to his friend or to himself “why rain is on the government side” or put it simply why it has to rain when PAD is gaining people sympathy…



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9 09 2008

Students involvement in such a movement is sad and it seems they do not fully understand the PAD’s stand and what they are going for and who is behind driving it.

Is the PAD really looking for democracy or are they fighting for power for the elite and royalist backing them. I think not matter who is in power, corruption will exist if not the top then the middle and the bottom it is a social enigma that is difficult to wash away. So my point is, let Samak run the Government if he is no good and them let the power of the people decide. If he does good all is well and the people who elected him will enjoy the fruits. Of course the PAD elites will not be happy until they are in power or are controlling it.

11 09 2008
Global Voices Online » Thailand: Student protesters

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10 09 2009

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10 08 2010
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