Consitutional Court says Samak is guilty and must resign

9 09 2008

As expected, the Constitution Court found Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej guilty of violating the constitution by hosting two cooking shows on commercial television.

Bangkok Post reports that the nine judges voted unanimously that Mr Samak must step down. They also ruled that cabinet ministers remain in the government until new members are elected. Mr Samak was found to have violated the Article 267 of the charter by taking money from a production firm, Face Media, for hosting the Chim Pai Bon Pai (Tasting and Grumblimg) and Yok Khayong Hok Mong Chao (All Set at 6am) cooking programmes. The charter prohibits a premier from hosting any position in a partnership, company or an organisation carrying out business with a view to sharing profits or income, or being an employee of any person.

Next question is will Samak returns as PM or will we see the rise of Banharn Silapa Archa – leader of Chart Thai Party.

Here is Banharn’s short biography.

Born on December 19, 1932.Graduated from the Faculty of Laws (Public Law), Ramkhamhaeng University

Later, obtained a controversial Honorary Doctorate in Laws from the same university

In 1974, he was appointed Member of the National Legislation Council and, in 1975, Senator. In 1976, he was elected representative of Suphanburi province for the first time, and has retained the position, ever since. He was appointed Minister of Transport and Communications, in 1986 to 1988, Minister of Industry, in 1988 to 1990, Minister of Interior in 1990, Minister of Finance, in 1990 to 1991, Minister of Transport and Communications, in 1992.

In 1994, he became Thai Nation Party Leader and Opposition Parties Leader, during the term of Mr. Chuan Leekpai. After the Royal Decree of Parliament Closure, on May 19, 1995, Thai Nation Party, of which he was leader, won the landslide victory and he was, thus, appointed Prime Minister.

He left office, a year after, on September 27, 1996, when the concordance in the government diminished.

Whoever will take PM position will not have an easy task but wonder why Banharn is so eager to take it. May be it is just to have his political dream met?



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