PPP Rally in Udornthani: this is how they maintain people mandate

9 09 2008
Photo from Bangkokpost.com

Photo from Bangkokpost.com

When news broke out that Samak decided to have his cabinet meeting in Udornthani, one would raise a question why Udornthani – a province where PAD supporters were slaughtered by supporters of “We love Udornthani Club” in July. However, Samak defended his decision by arguing that the province was chosen because there are 10 MPs who were elected as people representatives. This is the place where PPP have people mandate to rule.

It was fortunate that no unfortunate incident took place yesterday. That may have to do with a small number of PAD in that province. It is well known fact that the north and northestern regions support Thaksin and his people in this case Samak and PPP.

Listening to what he said at the rally a day prior to his mobile cabinet meeting, it sounded like he was praising too much of his coalition parties especially Banharn Silaparcha of Chat Thai. Will Banharn be the one to reign after Samak? We will soon know after the court verdict today. That will really depends on Samak’s decision whether to leave politics or to challenge the court verdict and become again PM.



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