Lost and Found in Manila

23 09 2008
Friend and political rival

Friend and political rival

It was my first time to visit Manila and I was lucky to be there with many people whom I know. In the first night, we decided to have dinner nearby the hotel as we wanted to be fresh for the conference the following day. After looking around, we decided to have Korean food for dinner. Well, we could have had Japanese but since I know that Dr. Zaliha (on the left) did not like it we thought it was not a bad idea to have Korean as our first meal in Manila. In fact, I would have wanted to have traditional Filipino food but I had no one to give suggestion on that. Anyway, our Korean food were not bad and the four of us enjoyed it.

After the meal, we asked the waitress where could we go for shopping. They suggested SM Mega Mall which was a walking distance from the Richmonde Hotel where we stayed. Since there was only one man in the team Ong decided to split up and the three women stuck together. Less than an hour later, we found ourselves lost in such a huge mega mall. We could not find our way back to the entrance where we supposed to meet up with Ong who was waiting for us.  Yeen Seen (on the right in the photo) decided to ask for a direction and finally we were back to the meeting place. The above photo was taken when Yeen Seen said “Lost in Manila”.

I always believe that to know a person well you must spend time with them, discussing, exchanging view and sharing ideas. This journey gave me a golden opportunity to strengthen ties with these two ladies whom I have known since 2006.

We might have lost our way in Manila but we have also found a new bloom of friendship there. For them, friendship can be developed and expanded despite political differences.

Serious negotiator when it comes to bargaining

Serious negotiator when it comes to bargaining

This photo was taken when we were in Green Hill shopping complex. I could not help but taking a few photos of Yeen Seen when she bargained with shop owners. I myself do not know how to bargain and I found it quite amazing. Prices could be reduced to 40-50%.

Last minute shopping for Malaysia shoppers

Last minute shopping for Malaysia shoppers

It was a few hours before our check out time. We went to supermarket nearby to buy snacks recommended by our friends in Manila. Yeen Seen said that since she had some money left over from her shopping at Green Hill she would spend a bit of time shopping. Her basket was full before we said goodbye to each other but I would not be surprise if she would pick an extra basket to carry more snacks home…



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