PPP has done it again: starting with peaceful negotiation ending with police brutality

7 10 2008
Police used tear gas to disperse PAD crowd

Police used tear gas to disperse PAD crowd

Watching television last night which showed a small number of PAD supporters marching to the Parliament, I told my sister that the government led by Somchai Wongsawat of People Power Party would use force to disperse the crowd. True to form, the PPP leaders held emergency meeting at 1am perhaps to discuss a counter strategy. Listening to an interview of Chief of the government Vipe Vittaya, just only an idiot would not know how the government would respond to PAD recent march to the Parliament.

Days before, two PAD leaders, out of nine, were arrested. There has been speculation that Chamlong Srimuang has planed for his arrest. This is a final showdown and that PAD is not negotiating with the government. The arrest would encourage more supporters to travel to Bangkok to show their support to PAD. Yet, whether this assumption is true will have to be analysed later on.

When Somchai was selected as our new PM, i thought he would resort to peaceful negotiation and attemtpted to cool down political temperature. Now he has proved that he is no different from his colleague Samak Sundaravej who claimed to have cancer and would like to go for medical treatment in London.

While the PAD is wrong in surrounding the Parliament, the government is also wrong in using force to handle them. Why the government u-turned its decision for peaceful negotiation with PAD? We all know that Somchai is close to Thaksin but some of us have tried not to link them. But it appears that Somchai, like Samak has an order from London to finish off the PAD. The split within the party might also play a role in the change of approach towards PAD. Somchai might need to show his strength as a leader that he can control the situation that he is not a wek leader.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with my family that PAD would die down as number of people who participated in the demonstration has droped remarkably. And every time I think of it hat way, the government will find way to reborn the group. Had the government let the group continue for a few weeks more, their demonstation would become irrelevant. Now that the government has reacted strongly to PAD’s march to the Parliament, the group are alive again.



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