A Great Battle

8 10 2008

PAD gave final notice for the government to be dissolved by 6pm last evening. The Prime Minister insisted he will not resign will not dissolve the parliament and will reveal his decision on the current situation at an appropriate time. My family, similar to many other families I guess, could not sleep well last night. They were afraid open shooting on protesters might take place – a repeat scene of May 1992.

While I have heard so much of the final battle announced by PAD, I think this time it is real. PAD can not back down. So as the government. Both are cornered and both are proxies. PAD claim they are fighting to save the monarchy, PPP and UDD claim they are fighting for a true democracy and rule of law. Is Thailand ready for not having a monarchy? Do PPP understand what a true democracy is all about? Having a majority in the Parliament does not mean that they can use such power to harm others. They can not claim to uphold democracy by killing innocent people.

Many wonder how this battle will end, who will win and lose. The Queen yesterday offered 200,000 THB in cash to Vachira hospital to cure those injured in the open fight between the police and the protesters.S ome took this as a signal that supporters of PAD should be protected.Their rights to protest must not be violated. On the other hand, Somchai has appointed a great fighter Nattawuth Saigua as his spokeman. This shows that he and his PPP army are ready to take on the challenge. Should PPP win the battle, will there be an end of monarchy? To answer this question, one might need to do some goole search or search on You Tube on Crisis of Siam. This was believed to be filmed by our leader who is currently seeking political asylum in the UK.

Another issue to look at would be the act of the police in this battle. The police is split as the big guns are chasing for top positions. They have been giving confliicting information. They still have a lot to explain why tea gas can kill protesters. The Police in this country is seriously in need of reform. People look down at them. They are a symbol of corruption. In the past, an opion survey found that 80% of policemen are good and only 20% are corrupt. But I am sure if an opinion survey is to be conducted on how people trust and think of the police the rating will drop tremendously.

No matter who will win in this great battle, Thais have lost their future leaders. Two young ladies who died yesterday joined the demonstration with the belief that their peaceful participation could help brining the country forward. People who support PAD usually come with they family members. The 25 years old lady went with her parent. She died due to explaosive device while her mother is seriously injured and hospitalised.  Should the open fight be avoided, lives could have been saved.



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