Thaksin Shinawatra: I do not agree with the judgement and I will not tolerate such a verdict

24 10 2008

After the Supreme Court delivered its verdict on Thaksin’s land deal case that he used his political position as a prime minister to facilitate the land sale to his wife at a cut priece lot of government land in 2003, Thaksin immediately called for a press conference held in London to condemn the judgement. He said the decision was political ly motivated and unfair. He is now willing to fight Thailand.

In his statement, he said:”I am still confused; there is no evidence of fraud, corruption nor abuse of power.”

He said: “I was convicted simply because I was a politician.””Interestingly, the court did not find the sale transaction of my wife unlawful or illegal, they did not convict her because she is not a politician; nevertheless, I was.”

The statement continued: “If I were to be guilty of anything, that would be what I have shown to the Thai people, especially those underprivileged rural Thais that they can, and have the right to, demand their government to provide effective policy and programs to improve their lives.”

Thaksin believed, and has been consistent in this theory that he represented a “threat” to various Thai elites who “believe in anything but democracy” because “(he) represents the principle of liberal democracy which promote hope and pride of the poor of my country.”

He said that as for the future of the coutnry he did “not know should I laugh or cry to see the direction Thailand is moving.”

This is a statement of a desparate big boy. He can never accept the judgement and he can never be proven wrong. That is Thaksin Shinawatra, a former Prime Minister of Thailand. If he is a democracy promotor, he should immediately say that although he does not agree with the judgement but he accept it otherwise. By condemning the judiciary and attack the urban middle class or poltical elite back home, he has created more enemenies and his chance of coming home is diminished. The only chance for him to come back to his home country is to go directly to jail. He has been asked people here to respect democracy, but can’t he do it first.

Thaksin is the first leader whom went in exile and condemned his own country. As a democratic leader, should not he just respect the judgementy and go on with his luxurious life style. Why bother if he thinks Thailand has no future and is moving to a wrong direction? Why bother to spend huge amount of money to a former deputy Police Chief to threathen to surround the PAD at the Government House from tomorrow onwards? Why bother to appoint his own brother in law to hold tight to premiership position?

Is not it because, Thakisn thinks he can change it all to his own benefit? Is not it because, he thinks he can change the political system in Thailand? Is not it becuase, he thinks he can abolish the constitotional monarchy? Is not it because of his own grand design of controlling the economic as well as political power in the entire of Asia?

Perhaps those pro-PPP and pro-government can answer all these questions. Perhaps those who pro-the use of force to end the conflict quickly have an answer.



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