Open Secret

27 10 2008

What has been the talk of the town issue in the aftermath of the Black October or 710 domestically and internationally is the donation and the support of the Queen of Thailand. I remember I was in Malaysia for work and a friend asked me if I know about the Queen donation to PAD. He handed a local newspaper and asked me to read the article in full. Not only that the Queen donated for those who injured but also attended the funeral of a young PAD supporter who died from the effect of tear-gas. He then asked me why your Queen is doing that? Why PAD has thousand of followers and why PAD wants to overthrow a democratic government? Why cannot the police and the government finish them off or why are they allowed to protest and capture the state institution?

My answer is simple: this is not a battle between the government and the protesters. as many of us witnessed in the past. It is a battle between two proxies: one is fighting for the return of a former premier Thaksin Shinnawatra and another claims to fight for the protection of the monarch. But if PAD’s claim is true, one may wonder why the King has been too quiet all these while.Why only the Queen has appeared at some critical time. This open secret appears apparent only when the Queen immediately offered her donation to PAD supporters and a few days later to injured policemen too. Questions remained: should not the Queen offer it to both parties at the same time why to PAD supporters first and later when being criticised or quesitons offered it to the police.

True to form, PAD uses the Queen’s donation and attendance at the  funeral of one of its supprter to back its call for political reform and their continue to fight against the current government. This can be used as their bullet proof against firing bullet from the police once the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship marches to the government house to finish off the PAD in the near future and soon a small civil war might be inevitable.  People are asked to take side and they are taking side. It is sad to say but  I see no light at the end of the tunnel. And I know that when time comes, there will be more open secret. Something we know but refuse to accept until it reveals itself.



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