Hi Thaksin, are you coming home?

11 11 2008

Lately, what people on the street discuss is all about former PM Thaksin, especially when the British government denied a permission for him and his wife to re-enter the UK. Good decision – a decision that was expected after his conviction. A wise person like Thaksin must have expected it and must have planned where to run next. Yet, even if he can plan where he would like to be, it does not mean that he can travel freely like a free man since HE IS NOT. He has not disclosed where he will be next after China but has already threatened this enemies in Thailand that he will phone in to one of televised talk shows this week to reveal the TRUTH – to point his finger to the man who he often branded as an “INVISIBLE HAND” or somebody who is “ABOVE THE LAW”.

This is obviously an act of a man who does not have a place to hide, a man who is desperate. Thaksin perhaps realises that he and his family members can not run forever. There must be an end to it but how he likes to end it is something all Thai nation has to watch out. He is a man who knows exactly what he is doing. This is his last chance to come home and he will do everything he can to come home for, what he claims, “justice”.

Confrontation between Thaksin and his invisible enemy is inevitable and is to be expected. This seems to me a personal revenge and it has little to do with the whole nation. However, the PAD , Thaksin and the government led by Thaksin’s brother in law have drawn Thai public into their personal fight. One good thing is that and this is according to the latest ABAC poll, the Thai public are beginning to wake up that they have been in the middle of other’s people war that has little or nothing to do with them. They begin to say they are not siding with any parties. YES, finally people are proud to say “WE ARE NEUTRAL”. Let them fight whoever want to fight. Can not we just sit back and relax and enjoy the show!



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16 12 2008
phoukhong savann

Hi Mr. Thaksin,

I have followed up with you so much and i realy feel very bad for you because some of politicions people took advantage of your situation. Anythings went wrong they always blamed on you such, rains, dried, flood, bad economy, what ever you can think of they blamed it on you. Today i felt i have heard enough from those people example liked yesterday they have voted in Sapha. When those S.S. got beaten by red shirts they have blamed on you right away. Enough is enough l realy like to see you do something about these. Let’s stop them I would love to see you get involve somewhere or somehow we can do to educate the people in Thailand what went wrong in the Country. You have done so much for the Country looked what happened after you were not there for last two years. Please do not let them get away with being Mr. nice guy they have made me very sick. I am living in the State for 28 years please contact me if anything that i can help to accompolish or somethings. I think we should provide some fund for the people who get hurts or will be in jail by these police today event. Please have someone open and account and be responds for the money. I will provide some money to help the people in Thailand that they try to do the wright things. We are so for away the only thing we can do is to be a provider and support them with the financial.

Please write me soon

Best regards,


20 12 2008

Dear Phoukhong,
You and many Thais would like Thaksin to come back to Thailand, but it is not easy. You might have seen that one day a PAD protester died and a lady went to her funeral. It is very clear that who are behide all the games. One reason is; Thaksin sent ten thousend of poor families students all parts of Thailand to study abroad. Can you imagine when these students come back to Thailand, they bring not only knowledge and know how but also Democracy. This is dangerous for elite people. Because they can think and act by themself, more intepreneur and self decision making. They do not have to wait for (lese majectics.15 years jail) Monarchy… Projects or who ever. It means one constitutional will lost its previlege. That can not be aceptable, their well-being will be reduced. So they have to protect their benefit by quited (eliminate) Thaksin and his projects. Self sufficiency policy is a lie. I was in Bangkok in November 2008 and saw how well being Thais enjoy their lifes. It is a very interesting story in The economist December edition. Please read it.
It will be a long fight for Thaksin and a group of people who support his initiation.
I am one of those.

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