What is happening in Thailand – a land of smile?

26 11 2008

This photo surprised me because I would expect to hear a lot of complain not their smile. Foreigners who chose Thailand as their holiday destination perhaps are aware of the current situation in the country but I am sure that they would not expect that they would land into a land of myth, a never ending conflict between the government and the People Alliance for Democracy, known as PAD.

How can one describe the current political situation in Thailand? Very difficult, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Thai people like to think that whenever we are in crisis, there will finally be a hero riding on a white horse to rescue them out of the crisis. In 2006, there was a hero in green riding a drak horse that eased off the situation – i mean military coup. Did it solve anything? NO. People still elect the same group of people to rule the country. Why? This is easy to answer but I don’t know why the opposition and the Bangkokian people can never accept and respect the election result. Although Thaksin himself iand all his cabinet members are corrupt leaders and might have cheated the election, grassroot people or the rural poor have actually benefitted from Thai Rak Thai policies i.e. 30 THB health care.

There are two options: first, military intervention; second, tparliament dissolution. The first is likely but not easy as there are many fraction within the military. Who can people really trust? The second is almost unthinkable. The government needs to stay on to provide a platform form for our former premier Thaksin to return to his motherland.

Despite the two options mentions, there can be another ugly scenario -  a mini civil war between anti and pro-government groups. A fight between RED and YELLOW. How can we go from there? It will take long time to heal people mentality. Will it eventaully lead to a division of North and South? Will it lead to a change of political system? There will be no immediate solution if we do not learn how to respect differences in opinion among ourselves. Killing is not an answer, it is a starting of a war. Here is my interview in Media Corp Radio Singapore 261108153000Thai_protest_airport.mp3



One response

27 11 2008

The PAD is running riots in Bangkok and the security force is a joke. Without a strong security force to up hold LAW and PAD knowing that they can get away with it, will continue to hold the Thai people as hostages to get what they want.

If this was to happen anywhere else, it would be consider an act of terrorism and would have been quickly dealt with, well except in THAILAND.

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