The Day the Thai Capital Stood Still

27 11 2008

Who would have thought a day would come for all Thais to be held hostage in their own country. Now not a single one can fly out and not a single one can fly in. It is almost the end of the year, a peak season a golden opportunity for tourism industry. It supposes to be an earning month a month to celebrate – it does not suppose to be the day when our rights to travel to move and to decide our own destiny is violated or decided by PAD.

While we are all clear that PAD should not surround our national airport, we are also aware of such an invisible hand support to the group. In a way, they seem “the untouchable” entity, illegal but legal assmbly.

I often hear people complain that Thai manstream media tends to cover just one sided stories. I can quickly agree to this. Last night, there was a murder of a 60 years old man killed by a group of 300 pro-government supporters known as We love Chiangmai 51. The person who was beaten to death was a father of a leader of PAD in Chiangmai. Now civil war has begun and it will soon come to Bangkok. Listening to the three stars in Truth Today, Television programme, it explained to me why We love Chinagmai 51 killed a 60 years old man. A person who is not with us is our enemy – if this is how leaders of government under Somchai Wongsawat think, i can not see a way to resolve the current conflict. Killing definitely is not an answer, it is a start of a war.



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