No Surrender, No Resign: No Way Out

29 11 2008

PAD say this is a matter of death or alive, insisting that they will only move away from Suvannabhumi and Donmuang Airports if Prime Minister Somchai resigns. PM Somchai says he will continue to rule the country since he was democratically elected and can not be chased out by street protesters. As such, both airports remain close and foreigners and Thais alike suffer from PAD aggressive move and the inaction of the government. Police Chief was the first to be sacrificed after he ignored order given by the PM to disperse the crowd at the airports by force. However, the newly appointed police who replaces the Police Chief is not on an equal ranking and may not be able to convince his subordinate or his senior to follow his order. That explains why the situation remains unchanged.There seems to be no way out at the moment.

It is amazing to hear from the news that the number of people joining PAD has increased dramatically since the government imposed emergency decree in two areas. They said they would not leave and prepare to sacrifice their lives – is it worth to die for?

The United front for Democracy against Dictorship is going to gather tomorrow to fight with PAD. As known, UDD is the group that is supported by the government. One of the leaders is the spokeperson of the government. Three others are committee members of PPP and having a television talk show “Truth Today” on National Broadcast of Thailand, a national television. They put on red shirts and criticise the royal monarch. I heard from one of friends who have met with UDD supporters lately. She told me that UDD supporters are there becuase they are against the Queen and the Crown Princess. So I assume PAD associated themselves with yellow to show respect to the royal monarch and UDD labeled themselves red to show disrespect to the monarchy. It amazed me in a way as i find it hard to believe that those rural people from the North and Notheast have no heart for their King and Queen!!!

This explains why there has been talk only and no action from the police and the military. Although they must follow order but how can they go against the monarch. Somchai may refuse to resign now but when the court decides on 3 December to dissolve PPP and ban all committee members for 5 years from political position and involvement, he will have to go anyway. It is very close to the King’s birthday. If the UDD organise a group to surround the court if the court decision does not go their way, there will surely be a civil war for the first time in our history. To this it would be interesting to wait and see if the King can deliver his annual speech and if he can what will he say then.



One response

30 11 2008

The issue is about a group of people protesting against the government. That issue was never addressed inernally and so looked for international recognition. That led to the airport take over. Neither the government nor the protestors are right, the only way out is to sit and discuss the issues. The main thing is that the government seems to be holding on to power to be able to ammend the constitution. The protestors say that ammendments would only be made to help a handful of politicians. This is one issue that needs to be answered. Thaksin requested asylum in U.K when his own brother inlaw (still is) is the Prime Minister. Thaksin’s wife’s cousin is the present commander of the army. The person who supported the present prime minister from coming to power is his own (Thaksin’s sisters) husband. The foreign affairs minister who messed up the temple issue with Cambodia was Thaksin’s personal lawyer (he became a minister too). A highly placed military officer goes on air and media to say that he will finish the protestors, he has a great ability to say exactly when bomb blasts will happen in various locations where the protestors set up their acts. He also can say which type of explosives will be used. This ofcourse is his special ability and he has nothing to do with the blasts!!!!

As long as we look at the airport takeover as an independent issue, we will never understand the real problem.

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