Dissolved PPP and Disbaned their executives

2 12 2008

As expected, the constitutional court judges ordered to dissolve the ruling People’s Power Party led by Thaksin’s brother in law and also to ban all its executives. Why as expected? A few weeks ago, many senior leaders have resigned from the party to prepare themselves for new positions in a newly formed party – shell party. Chat Thai and Matchima Thipataya, ruling coalition parties, are also dissolved and their executives banned from politics for 5 years.

While the dissolution of these parties is not difficult to predict, it is more difficult to say whether the court decision will contribute to easing off tension in the Thai capital. PAD inisist they will stay at the airports until their proposal is met. They are now pressing for a national government. Their request will never be accepted and agreed upon by a proxy government. Conflict is likely to continue. Worst case scenario would be a physical fight between anti-government PAD and pro-government RED. Should that happens in a massive scale, it will definitely invite a military intervention military coup.

PAD has been trying to involve the military and the military has until today denied to get involved. They said they had painful experience from the last military take over in September 2006 and would not like to repeat the same mistake. Let’s hope that PAD’s attempt fails in getting military involved and military coup will never take place again!



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