Mae Sot, Tak – My horrid-day?

8 12 2008

I was in Mae Sot, Tak province with my parents and my sister during Father Day’s holiday. It was  my second time to Mae Sot but the first time  for my parents and my sister.

I remembered I was driving home thinking I should take my parent somewhere and when I arrived home that evening my sister said it out loud “we should take our parent somewhere”. I quickly agreed and we asked our parents to pack and we did some hotel search. We meant to stay somewhere but we did not make our effort sto reach there. We ended up staying in somewhere unexpected – Suan Hin Mountain Lodge.

It took us about 6 hours to get to Tak and about 1.30 hours to get to Mae Sot. We enjoyed our late lunch on Friday 5th December in Bann Suan Home Stay. They cooked perfect Thai dishes, especially Num Prik Ong. The way from Muang Tak to Mae Sot is one of the most difficult route in Thailand. I was praying while driving – thinking I had to be there safe I could not make any mistake this trip. Yes, we arrived safe and well and enjoyed our dinner in Mae Sot’s most famous restaurant “Khao Mao Khao Fang” along Mae Lamard road. When we arrived our accommodation that night my sister was complaining about our car’s brake system. No one paid serious attention to her complaint. We were very tired and wanted to take shower and rest.

The following morning, when we prepared to check out and my sister tried to start the car engine we found out that our car was not ready to go with us. The engine was dead and we first assumed that the weather was too cold and may be it needed a push. We asked the owner and his staffs to help us push the car down the hill slope without realising that the break itself did not work. I looked at my sister while she was steering the wheel down the slope very confident that she would manage, as she always does.  I also look at my mum’s face. It was the first time in my life I saw that kind of expression on her face – she was worried about her daughter, even though she did not know that it was more serious than she thought. My sister managed to stop the car using the hand brake. The hotel owner and his staff members helped us for a while and when our assumption about the battery has proven wrong, they drove to Mae Sot town to bring an mechanic to look at our car. He later found out the problem and repaired the car. It took him for a few hours and it took us the entire morning of our second day in Mae Sot!

I decided to write this article, which is a bit unusual for me to share my personal trip, just to thank the owner and all staff members at Suan Hin Mountain Lodge and also the mechanic who fixed our car. I and my family will always remember them and we will revisit them one day.

Another thing I will always keep in mind is I will always have my Mercedez whereever I go. The car will not move unless it is safe to drive. It has safe me once early in the year and now it has safe me again.

Suan Hin Mountain Lodge : 130 Mu 6, Tambon Mae Pa , Tel: 0 1888 2404, 0 1366 5882.



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