Will DAAD succeed?

8 01 2009

New Year comes with full of hope that political situation might improve after PM Abhisit managed to deliver his policy speech in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs amid the protest of anti-government Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) or known as RED shirt group which fights for a return of Thaksin.

While I am bored with street protest, I understand why the RED shirt vowed to fight on. If PAD could bring down the governments led by Samak and Somchai, DAAD can resort to the same strategy and tactic to put an end to the  present government too. If PAD could walk free after  illegally closed down the two main airports, DAAD too will not be charged for surrounding the Parliament, stoning MP’s cars and provoking police to act defensively.

Following the news daily, I can only pray that the current government will be able to complete its two years term. Leaders of Democrat Party are finding it very difficult to campaign for their candidates for the by-election to be held on 11 January 2009. Abhisit himself confronted with anti-government group in Ratchanuri and DP adviser and former Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai faced with harsh action from DAAD supporters in the Northern province. How strong and patient can the coalition leaders be in managing the divisive society can perhaps answer whether or not the government can complete its two years term.

DAAD promised to come back after New Year 2009 with the plan to disrupt the ASEAN  summit planned to be held in Bangkok at the end of February. It will be interesting to observe the government strategy in organising this grand international event. If they manage to organise it successfully and peacefully, the government will be able to regain its reputation internationally and internally. However, I have doubt whether the government will dare to have it held in Bangkok, perhaps Phuket is an alternate destination to be considered by the government.

Can the government overcome the conflict with DAAD? In a short run, DP led government must prove to DAAD that double standard does not exist and that PAD’s leaders will be charged for their illegal action. This might not solve the entire problem but it will ease off the situation.

Will DAAD succeed with its demand for a house dissolution? If the government can survive in the next six months, DAAD will become less and less significant.  Once he sees that pouring billion of billion to his grassroot supporters does not work, he will come up with a new strategy to fight the government, the military and the palace. Without financial support, the grassroot supporters will attend more to their daily needs and less on political course.



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