ML Sukhumbhand Paribatra: A New Bangkok Governor

12 01 2009

As the result showed last night, Democrat Party candidate Sukhumbhand Paribatra rcame first in the unofficial result.

MR Sukhumbhand had 911,223 votes, or about 44.9% of support, followed by Yuranan Pamornmontri from Puea Thai party (former People Power Party or PPP, who had 593,569 votes, or 29.25%. Ranking third is ML Nattakorn Devakula (a son of a former Fianance Minister under Thaksin’s rule), who got 325,673 votes, or 16.05%, followed by Kaewsun Atibhodhi, who had 140,023 votes, or 6.9%.

Official voter turnout for Bangkok governor election was at 51.1 per cent, City clerk Pongsak Semsant revelaed. Of 4,150,103 eligible voters in Bangkok, 2,120,803 people went to cast their votes.

Of all 50 districts in Bangkok, Thawi Watthana district had the highest numbers of voters who casted their votes.

Voter turnout at Thawi Watthana was at 58.51%, followed by Phaya Thai with 56.03% and Bang Rak with 55.95%.

Dusit district has the lowest turnout, at 45.94%.

Obviously MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra gained lesser votes than Apirak, a former Bangkok Governor.

Since he has now become a new governor, it is worth looking at What he has promised in his campaign?

Democrat Party – Vote Sukhumphan – Number 2 – ML. Sukhumphan Boriphat – Return a smile to Bangkok residents.

The Democrat Party – Real safety – to increase 50,000 more spots with lights – 10,000 close-circuit cameras together with a 24-hour operating center – Please vote M.R. Sukhumphan Boriphat – Number 2 – for Bangkok governor on January 11, 2009 – “I am ready to lead Bangkok to become the metropolitan of the new era” –

The Democrat Party – Real good environment – Good and fast clean up for trash – Increase the green zone by 5000 rais – Please vote M.R. Sukhumphan Boriphat Number 2 – for Bangkok governor on January 11, 2009 – “I am ready to lead Bangkok to become the metropolitan of the new era” –

We will soon know if he can deliver his promises to the public.

I remember when I was asked by people “who I would vote for”, my answer was “does it matter, because we all know who will win”. I was not surprise at the local election result. Democrat Party has filled a great number in all levels of local elections in Bangkok, the party must have been very confident of its sure win in this election. This also can explain why the party filed MR Sukhumbhand as its candidate. Whoever they file in this election will win anyway. It is high time for Democrat Party boht in Bangkok and else where. This does not mean that people have changed their mind and become to like Democrat. What it shows is that people are hopeful that the current political change may bring back development into the country. This means that Democrat Party has to deliver its promises fast and effective to fill public grand expectation.



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