Surprise win by Democrat in RED zone provinces

12 01 2009

According to the unofficial vote counts in the recent by-election held after the dissolution of People’s Power Party, Chart Thai and Matchimathipatai and the disband of their executive members, the coalition government led by Democrat party got 20 more House seats while the opposition got 9 seats.

Of 29 House seats, Chart Thai Pattana party got 10 seats, Democrat party got seven, and Puea Pandin party got three.

On the opposition, Puea Thai got five seats while Pracharaj got four.

The by-elections took place on 11th January 2009 in 26 constituencies of 22 provinces including Bangkok’s Constituency 10.

PM Abhisit said in his interview that the poll result would strengthen the coalition government.

“This will enable the government to work more smoothly in parliament. I consider it a trust which strongly commits me to pushing ahead for successful implementation of government policies.” Bangkok

Democrat secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban said poll victories for the party in Samut Prakan, Lamphun and Nakhon Pathom, which are not strongholds for the Democrats, suggest voters want political stability.

“People want the government to proceed with its job. Mr Abhisit’s popularity is also on the rise.”

I remember when it was announced that there would be the by-election, analysts said that former PPP would retain their seats in red zone provinces. The surprise win of Democrat in Samut Prakarn and Lumpoon must have surprised them. Perhaps what they missed out in their analysis is that not there are a number of electorates in those red zone distrcits who did not agree with the RED violent strategies. The election result has proven otherwise. I hope that this election result would help silent the loud voice of Truth Today leaders and supporters and that they respect the deceision of the majority and allow the coalition government led by the Democrat Party to continue to rule. I hope that this would come the end of the politics on the street.



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