Democrat Populist Policies – a copycat?

22 01 2009

Before DP came to power, they showed their willingness to follow Thaksin’s winning strategy – populist policies for the poor. It was obvious in their election campaign ad two years ago. As such, it was not a surprise to see more of it when DP actually came into full power. But will it work as it did for Thai Rak Thai – the original an initiator.

I remember one of the foreign expert who commented on DP’s copycat strategy that it might but it will not work to the same extent as it had for the originator. Well, we will have to see how DP can capture the heart and minds of the poor with its populist policies. But what is more important is the question who will benefit it the most. It seems to me that the grassroot may get the most out of the govt. stimulus package and the urban middle class will get the least. Remember why Thaksin failed? He had mentioned it again and again that the main reason he was ousted from power is because he did not take great care of the rich – the upper and middle class. Will DP fall into the same trap by focusing more on the poor and ignore the rest?



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