Red Label : drop of popularity or lack of money

2 02 2009

Many in the Thai capital were predicting different outcome of the protest of RED shirt in the weekend. I had my prediction too and it was quite right. When I was watching new on television on Saturday night and the TV presenter was trying to say that the protest could turn violent I was laughing with my sister and a friend that they were powerless to strom the government house. They could make an attempt to walk there but their attempt to surround the state institution would meet withthe police and the military. They will not allow them to enter as easily as the previous government did with the Yellow March. As expected, the protesters went home just after midnight.

Questions arose from this RED gathering was whether their popularity has dropped or they are simply lacking of financial support from oversea. They seem to draw less and less supporters. 30,000 this time compared to almost 100,000 last year.

A simple reason to explain this is that people are willing to go along with the current political option. That is to give time for the current government to prove themselves to improve the political and economic conditions in the country. Protest tends to be popular strategy when the government of the day is unpopular. The RED or UDD will have to develop a new strategy to win support from a wider audience. The situation has changed to their disadvantage, dragging on using the same old strategy will not work.

It is up to its true leader – leader behind the scene – Thaskin Shinnawatra, how he will fight the loosing battle.



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12 04 2009
Urh Askank

Mai rou ruang, bitch!

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