Sino – US relations : an old fashion topic?

3 02 2009

Conversation of my two colleagues during lunch break kept me thinking about the relevance of the global configuration of power. politically and economically. What happened was that a colleague saw a book lied on a table of another colleague title “The Relations between the United States and China”. The former complained that the book has a very old fashion title. She seems to think that no one would be interested to study that kind of a topic at present time. Is it true? Is such title not valid for International Relations today?

After a while, I began to realise that many non-traditional issues have arisen and world attention has turned into that direction. This may be one of the reasons made she said that people are not anymore interested in the influence of the relations between the two global players.

As for me, I think we have to look at the world in different layers: global, regional and local. On the global level, can we deny that the two powers do not play influential role in world poltics and economic? Can we ignore them altogether? Have their economic policies impact on majority of countries in Asia? On the regional level, their relations have also impact on the relations within the South Asia and South East Asia region.



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