Thaksin said it again “I’ll be back”

3 02 2009

Will he ever be back? Has his 20 minutes phoned in yesterday raised the spirit of Puea Thai party members? May be or may be not. He said now is time to fight to return as a premier. Has he a chance of coming back to Thailand. Answer is zero or not in the foreseeable future.

It is interesting to notice that his phone-in conversation did not receive much attnetion as it previously had. Perhaps the press did not fan the news, the public therefore did not pay much attnetion. It was not as excited or as fearful as before. It was just news, that will soon pass with no effect.

This is the time for Thakisn and his crew to accept that their exisitng strategy needs to be changed. The best way for them to do is to accept the reality. The public sentiment has changed and it plays to their disadvantages. Thaksin and his team used to ask Democrat Party to be patient and wait for their time to come. They too can take that advice, be patient and accept the reality.



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