Walk with Eli

23 02 2009

I received a notification in my facebook from a friend who is in China who invited me to support a stateassembly woman in Malaysia. I was busy concentrating in my capacity building workshop and did not pay much attention to it, at least in the beginning. However, when I turned to read the Nut Graph and Malaysiakini, both are online news portal of which I consume news in Malaysia, I began to get the message. Yes, she is in trouble as her nude picutures were published on the internet and in some print media. No matter who revealed the pictures and whether or not he or she was paid to do it, is it right to interfere in her privacy? As long as she can serve her community, as long as she can serve her duty as a state assembly person, we should not and must not interfere in her personal affairs.

Elizabeth Wong is someone I know years ago. Although I don’t know her well but I have good memory about her. I remember that about three years ago I had a workshop in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I left the Shah Village Hotel and later to find out that someone broke into my room and took my notebook and a few things from my luggage. Apart from the organisers and trainers came to give me comfort, Elizabeth Wong also came along, took me to the police station and offered to stay with me that night. Although we know each other a bit, she showed that she cared.

When I heard about her exposure in the press, I was sadden by the news and say to myself that I will support as much as I can. If you also know her and would like to give support, please visit: http://walkwith.elizabethwong.org/



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