Red Shirt creates no impact on the government

26 02 2009

When one wishes to organise a protest successfully, one must have grand support. The majority of the people must feel that there is the need to go for it. Lacking public support, no protest can succeed. This is true in the case of the red shirt protest here. While there might be a geniune demand from their leaders to drive for a true democracy, the UDD or DAAD is lacking of massive public support. Their protest can not make much impact on the government.

I was interviewed a few days ago regarding the red shirt protest and the impact they might have on the stability of the current government as the protest took place a few days prior to the ASEAN summit in Hua Hin, sourthern province of Thailand. Not only that the protest by red shirt supporters will not creat any impact, this would be a golden opportunity for the government to show the world that here people are free to voice theri concern. Protest is a good thing in any healthy democratic society.

There should not be any violence and no break through to the Government House, as did the Yellow Shirt supporter. The police will not use force in dealing with protesters, they learnt their lessons from the incidence on 7th October 2008.

Thaksin’s influence in Thai Politics is getting less. Although he still has supporters in the country, his influence is lesser than before, especially when he is physically not present in the country. He said it again and again that he will be back to the country but that only shows how desperate the man is. If you know that once your plane touches down, police will escort you to jail, will you still come back? I think he only says it for the sake of saying it to the world, “I will be back”. But what is his chance of coming back? Zero or limited.



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