Hard Thought

27 02 2009

Well well well, now is a chance for our former premier Thaksin to come home safe and alive. But will he take this chance? I recalled a discussion with a politician here that the best solution or a political way out for the political unrest in Thailand is to bring Thaksin back and put him in jail. He can defend himself but he must be there for the first two years. And now the process begins. PM Abhisit said the government will seek the extradition of Thaksin from China to serve his jail sentence. He said he expected an extradition request would be made to Chinese authorities by Monday. All Thais had to be answerable to the law. And so as Thaksin.

Thaksin plans to deliver a speech, Financial Crisis, Political Uncertainty: Lessons from Thailand, at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong on Monday. With this kind of statement by Abhisit, Thaksin will have to take his chance of being arrested if he proceeds to the talk. Just wonder if he will still go ahead with the plan.

In Thailand, the UDD / DAAD is loosing tocuh with the people. They are calling for support against the government at the time when people are fed up of mobs and are concerned with their daily life. We often hear that people are paid to join the protest, especially so for the RED shirt protesters. Lately we also hear that Thaksin finds it hard to continue pouring money to mobilise the crowd. This will be a big test whether this allegation is true. The red shirt protesters will meet again in a month and they claim that they will not leave until and unless the government is dissolved. Well, we will see if they have enough public support to put such pressure on the government that it has to call for a house dissolution. In my opinion, I think the support from ordinary people will be lesser than before. Yet, I understand that it would be embarassing for the UDD/DAAD leaders to just stop and continue with their lives as the oppostion – something they find it hard to face.

Having lost support at home and having found unwanted abroad, it is a hard thought for Thaksin on how he can survive in the next few months, if not years.



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