Blogging – it is about passion

9 03 2009

Recently, I came across an article in Hansard Society title Political blogging – just for the Opposition? It is amazingly true that Opposition blogs tend to attract the public more than blog that associated with the ruling or the government. It is definitely not because the opposition can write better and have a more valuable stories to share with their audience. But perhaps they are passionate about what they write. They can sell ideas, dream policies and future of the society whereas the ruling can not. The latter is more careful what they write as it can backfire on them.

Based on my experience dealing with political matters in Asia, ruling parties (in the last several years) have underestimated the influence of online tools. They did not see how it would fit in their traditional campaign. In the article in Hansard Society, one author said that internet is a campaign a communication tool that connects between politicians and voters. With it, messages can reach out faster to a wider audience. I remember being in one of the workshop on internet as a political communication tool a few years ago where I discussed with a politician about the influence of internet in the election campaign. They seemed to question the impact of internet. They said it can reach only to those who can access to the internet, a small group of urban intellectual. I remember I argued that campaign online is cheap and take your message fast and large. It can easily reach out to young or first time voters. It would make a party looks sexier! At present, such a party is focusing exclusively on online tool to regain image and re-position itself.

Having engaged with the public in cyberspace does not mean that you will win their heart and mind. It can be the case that your readers are your own people. I think popular political blog make success when it touches on hot issues and make sense of argument they put forward. Opposition blog can gain more popularity if the government of the day is weak and unpopular. The more unpopular the government is the more popular opposition blog can become – it is a reality!



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