DP-led coalition government is sailing through the censure debate

20 03 2009

When the Opposition leader said that they would grill the PM and the other ministers in the censure debate with evidence on hand, I was asking my dad on what grounds. Listening to the debate, it seems that the opposition’s charges against PM Abhisit focus on the lack of democratic legitimacy and improprieties, including the PM’s call in 2006 for a royally-appointed government, and the military’s brokerage of his ruling coalition by arm-twisting a Puea Thai faction to defect.

The censure against five other ministers is led by a legitimacy attack on Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, who was a core leader of the PAD. Other charges of graft and conflicts of interest, particular on Deputy Interior Minister Boonjong Wongtrairat, are unlikely to be sufficient for a no-confidence victory.

PM might just exercise a reshuffle option to address the shortcomings of his cabinet members who cannot provide adequate answers in the censure grilling.

Listening to the debate last night, I must say that the opposition performed to my expectation. They finally proved that they can not perform as the opposition in the debate. The fight during the debate and the four little words used showed the lack of political professionalism of the opposition MPs. We laught when we saw it on television when it took place somewhere else  that they fight in the House when they disagree with each other – the government vs the opposition. Yet, it should not have happened in this peaceful land – the land of smile!

Since the Opposition does not seem to be able to bring down the government in the two days censure debate, Thaksin says he will phone in to give support to boost up confident for opposition MPs. Being physically away, his influence is lessen. Of course, there are thousand of people who say they still love Thaksin, but the numners are not as great as before.

It is very clear now that Democrat led coalition government after sailing through the two days censure debate will become stronger and will be able to survive until the end of 2009.



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