Final episode of Thaksin’s war against Thailand

7 04 2009

Over a year, Thaksin has been behind the scene of the red shirt protesters. Never once in the past, he admitted so openly like this time his purpose of mobilising his supporters from Bangkok and all over the country to protest in the heartland of the country to fight an open war with the Privy Council, especially Gen Prem Thinsulanond and Gen Surayudh Chulanond. Is this likely to be the final episode of his war against Thailand and the monarchy? We will soon find out on 8th April when Thaksin and his supporters mobilise hundred thousand people to fight the government, the privy council and the monarch.

The situation has been tense since the leaders of the red shirt group announced their plan to meet on 8th April. After being attacked by not responding enough to the red shirt’s allegation against the Privy Council and the Monarchy, Prime Minister Abhisit appeared on air last night to ensure to the Thai people that the government can handle the situation and that it will protect the most important institution of the country. Emergency decree will not be imposed and use of force will be avoided, he said.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Privy Council has made appearance to several places. It was well known fact that he does not like to appear in public unless necessary. Last time, when he moved around to give speech at police academy, Thaksin was chased out of the country. What about this time?

People who have followed the situation closely tend to ask “Why Thaksin chooses an open war against the Privy Council and the Monarchy?” Is he playing his final card in the stack? Does not he know that no one can win over the Royal Institution? Does not he know that he does not own the country? He must have thought that he can divide and rule the country. He can take the north and the north-east provinces and become the ruler in those provinces. He must have forgotten that in each province in the North and North-East, there are people who do not agree with his plan to abolish the Monarchy.

People wonder where is Thaksin today? Is he already in Thailand?, will he appear in the mass gathering on 8th April together with his supporters who may not know what they are fighting for?. If that is the case, it seems unavoidable that force will be used and thousand of people will be detained. They may have the right to protest and freedom to express their dissatisfaction, yet they have to oblige the law and not to provoke offensive action. If Thaksin really thinks that this is last chance to appear in Thailand and to win the course, he is wrong! The majority of the people here, according to the latest results of opinion survey done by Assumption University, over 60% of the people are bored with red shirt protest. They want their country to move forward.

Thaksin always believes that he is King Taksin reincarnate. In fact, new study reveals that he is not KIng Taksin as he wishes, but he is a dictator junta of Burma who always wants to destroy Thailand. Can we allow this superstitious man to rule Thailand? Can we allow this person who wants to destroy the country to come back and live happily at the end? NO WE CAN’T.



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