Thaksin dreams to be a real hero to rescue Thai democracy

9 04 2009

Thaksin urged his red shirt supporters in his VDO link yesterday to block the main road in Bangkok and not to give up on their demands. “We won’t retreat. The only way is forward. If the government uses force to suppress the protesters who come in peace, we will rise up”. “All roads will lead to Bangkok and I’ll be there with you.”  This is what a democracy promoter should do?

He loves democracy as much that he has to destroy everything else that blocks in his way just to rescue democracy. To make his dream comes true, he is using those who have gained under his leadership to join force to revolt. Its pay back time. But I wonder if he would win this people war of his. We loose and loose badly. No one will win out of this political mess.

Continuing to do what he is doing now, Thaksin can ever dream of becoming a real hero to rescue Thai democracy. He is fighting the war he can not win. Sad thing is that he knows how to use the mass for his political gain.



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8 08 2013
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