Impressive but exhuastive strategy

11 04 2009
From the Nation

From the Nation

I have always underestimated the power of RED. I see them as too aggressive a force and a group  that lacks long term objective. When they managed to mobilise close to ten thousand of mass I began to realise that the Thaksin supporters are not alone in the fight for the retun of Thaksin. There are  other forces that join the RED Shirt protest. First is those who love Thaksin. Second is those who love democracy and are against bureaucratic polity. Third is those who hate Democrat Party and Abhisit Vechjajiva.

I was impressed the way the RED Shirt leaders mobilised the mass to gather in front of the Government House. Thaksin is well known for using rural & urban poor for his own advantage. He knows that having his face shown on the VDO link will urge people to join. It proved to be perfect. He got the number he wanted. However, provoking is one thing and controlling is anohter. The RED power was expressed unlimited. When taxi drivers blocked Victory Monument road and Sukhumvit , Road, Thaksin and the leaders of RED Shirt group realised they are not the only drivers there are others too on a driving seats and they are there not to have Thaksin return and walk free on the street but they are the real promoter of democracy.

Thaksin and his team perhaps aim something almost unthinkable: Abhisit will not resign and dissolve the parliament. Prem and the other Privy councillors will not resign too. They were appointed by the King and it is only the King who can withdraw their positions.

Thaksin the RED want to win the people war in a short period of time. However, the success of their strategies depends on two main factors: the way the govenrment will respond to the protest and the size and duration of the protest. The government seems to handle it well so far and it is my hope that they remain calm and using only necessary force to handle the mad mass. After the road blocked creating rifts among RED, we can see the size get smaller and after the ASEAN Summit we can see the significance of the group slowly diminishs.



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