Criminal Act of RED

12 04 2009

When I heard of RED action against PM Abhisit, I thought how could he be so calm and not respond to such illegal action. Those RED are public enemies, I share his view but then he did not do anything to support his statement. I often hope that the government can be stable and complete its term next year. However, looking at the government response to the RED, I must say my confident has dropped to zero. I am not sure if the government has the courage to fight the illegal act of RED.

What the RED have done so far can be regarded as a criminal act, an act of crazy and emotionally uncontrolled people. The RED† are moving far backward. We live in a civilised world and we do not kill people who have different opinions. Then again I realise that those mass who support RED have nothing to loose. Their objective is clear to kill all the government officials and to live happily thereafter. However, I wonder if they have ever thought of a consequence of their criminal acts, would they have done it differently.

People from outside Thailand who consumes news through foreign press can have a very different pictures of what is happening there. While I am not in Thailand myself, I call home often to check if what I read is true. Most of the outside press tend to give more weight to Thaksin power. They believe he can come back. Yes he can and now his showing his power to the world. He can mobilize mass to assassinate top government officials, is this the good thing the former prime minister should do to regain power? Even if he can take control of the country again, he can not rule. The country is split and he can not come back and govern as he likes. Those who like Thaksin to the extent to die for him must know that he has only little chance of coming back to his mother country. His action today will not be forgiven by people who hate him and when and if he returns he will face the same situation as Abhisit is facing, political and physical assassination.



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