Thaksin Where Are You?

14 04 2009

Thaksin said it often he will walk with RED protesters once the army have its first shot on protesters. It is known that people died bcause of the violence initiated by RED, but WHERE IS THAKSIN. Will he come and help them fight as promised? If he is a true promoter of democracy, he should come back to Thailand and defend himself in court.

Those leaders of YELLOW should also be put behind bar to show example to RED protesters. Those who violate the law must be put on trial. After containing the RED protesters, the government should consider dissolve the House and call for a fresh election. Whatever the result will turn out to be, we all must accept it. Otherwise the street protest can never end and we can never have a Thailand land of smile back as most of us wish.

It is good to see that the US government is not blind by Thaksin lie on CNN and BBC. Those who set fire on government buidlings are not ordinary Thai citizens. They are well trained with a clear aim to destroy whoever on their ways to bring back Thaksin.



One response

25 04 2009

Yes…where is he?

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