Kick boxing in the parliament is our norm

15 05 2009

When there is a physical fight in the parliament, we often refer to an incident in the Taiwanese parliament where parliamentarians physically fought when they could not agree with each other. Last year, we witnessed the first round of PPP’s MP Karun Hosakul and Somkiat from Democrat Party. We felt embarrass and did not expect it to happen again.Yesterday, however, unexpectedly, we again witnessed the second round of kick boxing between MPs of Peua Thai and Democrat.

Is this our norm to fight physically when we can not agree with one another? We can not simply just talk thing through any more. It seems that parliamentarians do not have respect for the parliament. Why they are there then?

We often look down at Taiwanese parliamentarians in the past. Now it is the turn of others to look down at Thai parliamentarians. It is high time to gear towards reconciliation. Can the current government solve this problem? How can public be reassured that this embarrassing act of parliamentarians would not happen again and again. Do not allow people to feel that it is the norm, it is not.



One response

19 05 2009
Jonson Chong

Well, Dr. P, we had our share of physical scuffles in the Perak State Legislative Assembly on May 7… Very sad when we see our elected representatives resort to violence to resolve things… Not quite what we elected them for, is it?

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