Conspiracy Theory: Sondhi Limthongkul Assassination attempts

23 07 2009

Who attempted to assassinate Sondhi Limthongkul, Thai media tycoon, a leader of People’s Alliance for Democracy and a royalist?

There are a few schools of thought. Let’s look at two possibilities out of those fews. First, the bill to kill was issued by the royalty since Sondhi himself when asked pointed his fingers to the palace. Second, it was an attempt by his most wanted enemy a former premier Thaksin Shinawatra. Well one might question whether both have enough motives to commit the crime?

Let’s look at the first theory. Why does the palace ordered a bill to kill Sondhi since he is a royalist and his yellow protesters are for the King? Well, the palace does not mean only the King does it? It covers a wide range of people behind it. One may also consider the old saying: when the war is won, the general is killed. But the yellow has not won the people war here. Their attempt ended with the closure of the airport which met with people resistance and anger. How can an innocent and well respected person who is behind the yellow protest get out of this situation? To distance oneself? Sondhi has a great influence  in the PAD and having him killed would perhaps solve the problem as the yellow protest will slowly die down.

Second school of thought would argue it is so obvoius who attempted to assasinate Sondhi. It can be no one else except his long time enemy Thaksin Shinawatra. We all know that although Thaksin resides outside Thailand, his influence in the country is tremendous.  Referring to the deputy police chief who heads the investigation, he said it was a combined effort between the Police and the Military. The person who has a power to order both forces to commit this kind of act must be someone who is in a commanding position. The person can be someone in the current government someone who would benefit from Sondhi’s death. This links well to the latest interview given by the Gen Thani, head of police investigation who instead of reporting the progress to the Police Chief, he chose to report directly to Prime Minister Abhisit. It will have yet to be seen if Abhisit has the gut to go after the person who is behind the case.

Whatever will happen at the end of the investigation, I feel that the government will not be able to reveal the whole truth. They too have to rely on others for thier survival and for their political future. The public will have to live in the dark. Thais can easily forget what happen no matter how serious it is, can we?



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