Rail strike: It is not a joke. It is a pain.

22 10 2009

When I first heard about the rail strike a few days ago, I did not think it would come this far. I did not think that rail drivers would dump passengers at the station. I did not think that it is a test of PM Abhisit’s leadership and management skill. But since it has been on the news headline for almost a week, I have come to realise that this is not just a simple rail strike. They did it with a purpose. The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) unionists is politically motivated to do what they have been doing.

“The train can not be continued as it is not safe enough” seems to the argument from the unionists. Whatever arguments they have to tell, damages have been done. They left elderly and young children at the rail station. They should have been more considered to passengers.

PM Abhisit’s firm stand on the issue is appreciated. Recent polls showed that over 70% of the people do not support the unionists. It causes too much problem for all train passengers.

I still can not see the end of the rail strike but we know that every problem has a solution. I am hopeful that the government can hendle the situation. Thailand’s rail needs a reform. It needs to be privatise for a better service. We may need to pay more for that but it is better than having our lives in the hands of just a few big people. With privatisation, customer is the king. We can complain if the service does not worth the money we pay.



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