Pre-warning: prepare for RED attack

10 03 2010

A while ago, many would think “well the RED is loosing public support, they would not create any impact”, some might say “they are too divided and weak”. Well, those statements can be the thing in the past as the RED Army seems to be well prepared to march to Bangkok on 12th March. Their dream to have one million man to march to Bangkok remains a dream. Yet, we can not and should not underestimate the impact of this RED Rally. It is just my feeling that the rally will go out of hand just like the situation in April 2009. We will again witness people who have different political views confront each other in a blood bath fight.

The government asked people not to be panic about the rally. Yet, the government officials are taking important documentations out of the government house. This is not the way to ensure the public’s safety. If the Democrat government can not control the upcoming incidence, the country will be more ungovernable. Since it took over the government, Democrat Party has not been able to take control of the whole country. Most of their key leaders have not been able to initiate events in the north and north eastern regions. They are well accepted by Bangkokian people and people in the central, southern and eastern regions. But is this the way to run the country?

The RED has been saying repeatedly that they will not resort to violence. They say they and the RED Siam, which intends to overthrow the monarchy, are not together. Yet, Jakkaprob Penkhae, who is known to be close to the RED, recently appeared on the panel of RED Siam. Can the RED still deny that there is no link between them and the RED Siam group.

Rumour has it that the RED plans to burn down Bangkok Bank, government house, sirirath hospital and also petrol stations in main cities.† Each pick up car will get THB 20,000 to join the rally to restore democracy in this country. If this rumour is true and if it happens between 12-14 March, the RED and its supporters must take full responsibility of their violence act. Another funny theory of taxi drivers is that they need to join the rally to rescue the King who has been taken hostage by Abhisit and General Prem in Sirirath Hospital. I am amazed at this kind of funny theories. Funny and amazing it may seem, we have people who believe in these information. These people will join the rally and do exactly everything they are told to do “JUST TO SAVE THE KING” without knowing that in doing so they have only satisfy one man who is not inside the country whose family members leave the country when the time of the rally is close…isn’t it time to wake up people! We are responsible for our lives and safety. We do thing that is best for ourselves, for our family, friends, community, society and more…but we still must take full responsibilities in whatever we do…

The government needs to be tough, arrest those who initiate violence act, penalise them to show that no one is above the law. If they want to be in their “democratic system” they have to respect the rule and the law. Rights to protest does not imply that one can break the law. If the government is afraid to act tough or unclear of what to respond to RED attack, we can then forget of moving forward. We will continue to stuck in this mess. We have been in this unpleasant situation for too long, it is time to unlock and move on.

It is too close to predict what will happen from 12 – 14 March. But if we can not survive the day, perhaps the highest institution† will also fall. Is this the end of….



One response

11 03 2010

Yes, I also met a woman who works in the government house, she told me that the government asked all the staffs in there, prepare to move all documentation out of the house!

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