CALD in Web 2.0

4 09 2009

Participants at the 6th CALD Communication Workshop in Hong Kong discuss communication and marketing strategies for CALD.

How could CALD make better use of web 2.0?

1. Link (direct on CALD website to CALD’s Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Youtube)

2. Make them more visible on the CALD Website

3. Having a shoutbox

4. Create its own CALDBOOK

What specific Web 2.0 features and tools would be best or most effective for CALD?

1. Document sharing among members

2. Survey tools

3. Political games (i.e. Restaurant City or Mafia Wars on FB)

4. More videos that are visible to all members

What can CALD do for your parties in this context?

1. Country visit and tecnical trainings of the party members in most needed countries

2. Upload videos of member party’s activities on CALD’s Youtube channel

3. CALD “Hotline”