What is happening in Thailand – a land of smile?

26 11 2008

This photo surprised me because I would expect to hear a lot of complain not their smile. Foreigners who chose Thailand as their holiday destination perhaps are aware of the current situation in the country but I am sure that they would not expect that they would land into a land of myth, a never ending conflict between the government and the People Alliance for Democracy, known as PAD.

How can one describe the current political situation in Thailand? Very difficult, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Thai people like to think that whenever we are in crisis, there will finally be a hero riding on a white horse to rescue them out of the crisis. In 2006, there was a hero in green riding a drak horse that eased off the situation – i mean military coup. Did it solve anything? NO. People still elect the same group of people to rule the country. Why? This is easy to answer but I don’t know why the opposition and the Bangkokian people can never accept and respect the election result. Although Thaksin himself iand all his cabinet members are corrupt leaders and might have cheated the election, grassroot people or the rural poor have actually benefitted from Thai Rak Thai policies i.e. 30 THB health care.

There are two options: first, military intervention; second, tparliament dissolution. The first is likely but not easy as there are many fraction within the military. Who can people really trust? The second is almost unthinkable. The government needs to stay on to provide a platform form for our former premier Thaksin to return to his motherland.

Despite the two options mentions, there can be another ugly scenario -  a mini civil war between anti and pro-government groups. A fight between RED and YELLOW. How can we go from there? It will take long time to heal people mentality. Will it eventaully lead to a division of North and South? Will it lead to a change of political system? There will be no immediate solution if we do not learn how to respect differences in opinion among ourselves. Killing is not an answer, it is a starting of a war. Here is my interview in Media Corp Radio Singapore 261108153000Thai_protest_airport.mp3

PAD’s last statement after taking over national airport

26 11 2008

People’s Alliance for Democracy Announcement 26/2008
The Ultimatum for the Prime Minister to Resign Immediately and Without Condition

The People’s Alliance for Democracy has been rallying continuously since May 25, 2008 for 2 main objectives;

1. To prevent the rewriting of the 2007 Constitution by the proxy government of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra who are trying to amend the charter to whitewash the crimes committed by Thaksin and his cronies and to destroy the country’s judiciary system. The PAD also strives to prevent the proxy government from abolishing the Privy Council, a move which the PAD considers to be a direct violation of His Majesty the King’s authority.

The current Thai Parliament is also considered to be under Thaksin’s complete control. It has committed various wrongdoings and violated election laws, yet continues to claim it represents the people of Thailand. But in truth, the proxy Parliament is a sale to any highest bidding politician. The Constitution court’s imminent deliberation of a various party dissolution cases against several of the government coalition partners is proof enough of the fact that Thakin’s proxy government is not a truly ‘constitutional’ government of Thailand.

2. To drive out the killer government that has shamelessly acted as a nominee for fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra. The government is clearly behind the ruthless killings of Thai citizens, manipulated state media, supports the destruction of the Thai judiciary system, exploits the country’s national budget, condones lese majeste actions, lacks any ethical standing and therefore is deemed to be an illegitimate government which is not fit to administer the Kingdom.

For the above reasons the People’s Alliance for Democracy has been rallying peacefully and without arms, a right which is sanctioned by the 2007 Constitution Article 63. Article 70 stipulates that a Thai citizen has the responsibilities to protect the 3 pillars of the country; the nation, religion and the King and the nation’s constitutional monarchy.

However, during the course of the rally the lives and safety of supporters of the People’s Alliance for Democracy have been in constant jeopardy. The government is also clearly involved in masterminding various violent attacks against the PAD. It has also turned a blind eye when the PAD was attacked with weapons of war on more than 10 occasions. The ruthless attacks have resulted in countless injuries and 4 deaths. Several attacks were also targeted at the ASTV headquarters in an attempt to prevent that station from broadcasting live the PAD rally. The government has yet to take any responsibility for the underhanded sabotage attempts.

Three Senate committees, tasked with investigating the violence and bloodshed of the October 7th incident, have found that the PM Somchai Wongsawat and his Cabinet ministers are to be held responsible for the injuries and deaths of the protesters. Their findings coincide with that of the National Human Rights Commission. Premier Somchai must take responsibility for the tragedy by resigning immediately and without any condition.

The People’s Alliance for Democracy has called for a final mass rally to stop the traitorous government and proxy Parliament on November 23, 2008 at 2 p.m. The final rally is well into its 50th hour and the supporters of the PAD have been pressuring the traitorous government to step down with peaceful means. Armed with only the plastic hand clappers, the PAD protesters have marched to various key locations including Parliament, Finance ministry, the Metropolitan Police Bureau and the government’s temporary seat at Don Muang Airport. However, to no avail, the proxy government has failed to show any sign of remorse or any intention to step down as demanded by the PAD. In addition, it continues to cling on to power and is determined to amend the charter for the interests of its puppet master and his associates.

The People’s Alliance for Democracy is left with no choice but to step up its peaceful rally by blocking off access to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. This is considered to be an ultimatum for Somchai Wongsawat and the Cabinet to resign immediately and without any condition.

The people’s alliance apologizes for any inconvenience the closure of the Suvarnabhumi Airport may cause to the public and international visitors to the Kingdom of Thailand. But the PAD believes the measure is crucial to bring an end to the traitorous-killer government.

The PAD is calling for the public from all walks of life to join the PAD movement and call for the current administration to resign immediately to protect Thailand from more harm and to restore morals to the Thai society without any further delay.

With deepest respect, People’s Alliance for Democracy Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi Thaksin, are you coming home?

11 11 2008

Lately, what people on the street discuss is all about former PM Thaksin, especially when the British government denied a permission for him and his wife to re-enter the UK. Good decision – a decision that was expected after his conviction. A wise person like Thaksin must have expected it and must have planned where to run next. Yet, even if he can plan where he would like to be, it does not mean that he can travel freely like a free man since HE IS NOT. He has not disclosed where he will be next after China but has already threatened this enemies in Thailand that he will phone in to one of televised talk shows this week to reveal the TRUTH – to point his finger to the man who he often branded as an “INVISIBLE HAND” or somebody who is “ABOVE THE LAW”.

This is obviously an act of a man who does not have a place to hide, a man who is desperate. Thaksin perhaps realises that he and his family members can not run forever. There must be an end to it but how he likes to end it is something all Thai nation has to watch out. He is a man who knows exactly what he is doing. This is his last chance to come home and he will do everything he can to come home for, what he claims, “justice”.

Confrontation between Thaksin and his invisible enemy is inevitable and is to be expected. This seems to me a personal revenge and it has little to do with the whole nation. However, the PAD , Thaksin and the government led by Thaksin’s brother in law have drawn Thai public into their personal fight. One good thing is that and this is according to the latest ABAC poll, the Thai public are beginning to wake up that they have been in the middle of other’s people war that has little or nothing to do with them. They begin to say they are not siding with any parties. YES, finally people are proud to say “WE ARE NEUTRAL”. Let them fight whoever want to fight. Can not we just sit back and relax and enjoy the show!

Open Secret

27 10 2008

What has been the talk of the town issue in the aftermath of the Black October or 710 domestically and internationally is the donation and the support of the Queen of Thailand. I remember I was in Malaysia for work and a friend asked me if I know about the Queen donation to PAD. He handed a local newspaper and asked me to read the article in full. Not only that the Queen donated for those who injured but also attended the funeral of a young PAD supporter who died from the effect of tear-gas. He then asked me why your Queen is doing that? Why PAD has thousand of followers and why PAD wants to overthrow a democratic government? Why cannot the police and the government finish them off or why are they allowed to protest and capture the state institution?

My answer is simple: this is not a battle between the government and the protesters. as many of us witnessed in the past. It is a battle between two proxies: one is fighting for the return of a former premier Thaksin Shinnawatra and another claims to fight for the protection of the monarch. But if PAD’s claim is true, one may wonder why the King has been too quiet all these while.Why only the Queen has appeared at some critical time. This open secret appears apparent only when the Queen immediately offered her donation to PAD supporters and a few days later to injured policemen too. Questions remained: should not the Queen offer it to both parties at the same time why to PAD supporters first and later when being criticised or quesitons offered it to the police.

True to form, PAD uses the Queen’s donation and attendance at the  funeral of one of its supprter to back its call for political reform and their continue to fight against the current government. This can be used as their bullet proof against firing bullet from the police once the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship marches to the government house to finish off the PAD in the near future and soon a small civil war might be inevitable.  People are asked to take side and they are taking side. It is sad to say but  I see no light at the end of the tunnel. And I know that when time comes, there will be more open secret. Something we know but refuse to accept until it reveals itself.

A Great Battle

8 10 2008

PAD gave final notice for the government to be dissolved by 6pm last evening. The Prime Minister insisted he will not resign will not dissolve the parliament and will reveal his decision on the current situation at an appropriate time. My family, similar to many other families I guess, could not sleep well last night. They were afraid open shooting on protesters might take place – a repeat scene of May 1992.

While I have heard so much of the final battle announced by PAD, I think this time it is real. PAD can not back down. So as the government. Both are cornered and both are proxies. PAD claim they are fighting to save the monarchy, PPP and UDD claim they are fighting for a true democracy and rule of law. Is Thailand ready for not having a monarchy? Do PPP understand what a true democracy is all about? Having a majority in the Parliament does not mean that they can use such power to harm others. They can not claim to uphold democracy by killing innocent people.

Many wonder how this battle will end, who will win and lose. The Queen yesterday offered 200,000 THB in cash to Vachira hospital to cure those injured in the open fight between the police and the protesters.S ome took this as a signal that supporters of PAD should be protected.Their rights to protest must not be violated. On the other hand, Somchai has appointed a great fighter Nattawuth Saigua as his spokeman. This shows that he and his PPP army are ready to take on the challenge. Should PPP win the battle, will there be an end of monarchy? To answer this question, one might need to do some goole search or search on You Tube on Crisis of Siam. This was believed to be filmed by our leader who is currently seeking political asylum in the UK.

Another issue to look at would be the act of the police in this battle. The police is split as the big guns are chasing for top positions. They have been giving confliicting information. They still have a lot to explain why tea gas can kill protesters. The Police in this country is seriously in need of reform. People look down at them. They are a symbol of corruption. In the past, an opion survey found that 80% of policemen are good and only 20% are corrupt. But I am sure if an opinion survey is to be conducted on how people trust and think of the police the rating will drop tremendously.

No matter who will win in this great battle, Thais have lost their future leaders. Two young ladies who died yesterday joined the demonstration with the belief that their peaceful participation could help brining the country forward. People who support PAD usually come with they family members. The 25 years old lady went with her parent. She died due to explaosive device while her mother is seriously injured and hospitalised.  Should the open fight be avoided, lives could have been saved.