What have we learnt?

3 12 2008

It was a pleasant surprise to all Thais to hear the end of airport seige. PAD has finally dispersed themselves. It is like Christmas comes early. News about the dissolution of three ruling coalition parties has lessened political temperature in the Thai capital. A few good things is happening at the same time and at the right time. I wonder if one ever thinks “why so?”.

I have always discussed about political development with my friends, colleagues and family members. especially so after PAD voiced out their concern against Thaksin leadership and staged a protest. I remembered when I have to take my parents to listen to PAD’s talks when I have to defend myself from being misperceived as being PAD supporter when my opinion was challenged when my argument was supported and when we agreed to agree or disagree on certain issues. I think throughout those turbulent time, people’s political awareness were raised to a good level. Those who did not care about politics at all,began to discuss about it, and participated in it.

Those supporters both RED and YELLOW are happy to play their part in the demonstration because they feel that they are doing something for the betterment of the country. In a way, they are rights. Without their participation, the entire scenario would have been different and PAD would not have progressed this far.